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Hybrid Purple x Scopas Tang

Hybrid Purple x Scopas Tang

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Simply stunning.  This fish is a hybrid cross of two zebrasoma tang species: the purple tang zebrasoma xanthurum and the scopas tang zebrasoma scopas.  Two species that have no overlap in their native ranges, this cross is only possible through aquaculture.  These fish come together to create an absolute stunner of a specimen, the ultimate showpiece for your rare fish collection.  Only time will tell how these fish develop as they mature, but the juveniles have been an absolute pleasure to watch transitioning from clear larvae into the striated cobalt blue with iridescent turquoise undertones reflecting through they're exhibiting today.  Very difficult to capture their true beauty with a camera, when they bend and catch the light they're remarkable.  Truly unique and just a gorgeous fish.  Quantities are very limited, and we can't be sure we can ever recreate this cross again.  Interested parties act quickly!

Proudly born and raised in Sarasota, Florida, USA!

Certified Aquacultured Product by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, certificate number AQ3668043.

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